BJP IT Cell uses video of arrested Hindu ganja smugglers crushing a Hindu religious procession to sow communal hate

BJP IT cell head Amit Malviya tweeted a video of a speeding car running over a Hindu religious procession in Jashpur, Chhattisgarh and a trend #BaghelKillingHindus run by BJP IT Cell with designs to spread communal hate where the same video was shared out of context thousands of times. The 2 arrested men in the vehicle are themselves Hindu- Babloo Vishwakarma, 21, and Shishupal Sahu, 26, residents of Madhya Pradesh’s Singrauli and were found with large quantities of marijuana. Report on it by Hindustan Times-

Some of the tweets are shared towards the end of the post.

There were 23,823 tweets and RTs on the hashtag #BaghelKillingHindus from 5.533 different Twitter accounts till the time of the tweet pull.

BJP IT cell head Amit Malviya’s video was shared more than 3,200 times. The top accounts in order can be seen here-

This is the list of all accounts tweeting on the hashtag #BaghelKillingHindus

Some of the top verified accounts are-

Cabinet Minister, Uttarakhand

Trend #छत्तीसगढ़_बना_जिहादगढ़ (“Chhattisgarh has become the hub of jihad”) run because police lathi-charged to control violence

Communal violence had erupted in Chhattisgarg’s Kabirdham district on October 5.

Because the police lathi-charged to control violence, a trend with almost 35 thousand tweets was run on Twitter titled #छत्तीसगढ़_बना_जिहादगढ़ (“Chhattisgarh has become the hub of jihad”). There were a total of  34,895 tweets and RTs from 5,382 different accounts till the point the data was pulled.

The verified handles that tweeted it are:

The complete list of tweets and those who shared it is – 

These are some of the tweets on the hashtag #छत्तीसगढ़_बना_जिहादगढ़:

Rajesh Munat is a former Cabinet Minister of Chhattisgarh

Ramvichar Netam is a serving Rajya Sabha MP from BJP

Brijmohan Agrawal is a BJP MLA from Chhattisgarh & was a Cabinet Minister in the previous Chattisgarh government

Ajay Sehrawat is a Spokesperson of BJP’s Delhi unit & the National Media Incharge of BJP’s OBC Morcha.

A report by Indian Express on the events said:

“It started as a fight between two groups on Sunday. A local history-sheeter named Durgesh Dewangan got into an altercation with some Muslim men, who beat him up,” said Mahant Kashyap, who lives in the Lohara naka area of Kawardha town.

“A few hours later, some men pulled down a green flag and green-coloured decorations that had been strung alongside the roads. In retaliation, the other group pulled down a saffron flag and trampled on it. Some miscreants also threw stones at the nearby Vindhyavaasini temple,” Kashyap added.

As tensions ran high, Superintendent of Police Mohit Garg and Collector Ramesh Sharma visited the spot on Monday. Said a local person: “We demanded that stern action be taken against the men responsible for the vandalism and for beating up Dewangan. But it was Dewangan who was put behind bars instead.”

The report added that An estimated 3,000-strong mob led by Hindu organisations defied a curfew imposed by the administration to march with swords, lathis, and other weapons in the district headquarters town of Kawardha.

They raised slogans of Jai Shri Ram, attacked homes and vehicles owned by Muslims, and pelted the police with stones. More than a dozen civilians and police personnel were injured in the violence.

The Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad had called for a “peaceful” protest on Tuesday, which went out of control early on.

After leaders from the opposition BJP, including former MLA Abhishek Singh, who is the son of former chief minister Raman Singh, flagged off the protest, a mob of mostly young men entered Muslim neighbourhoods and began attacking vehicles, handcarts, and doors and windows of houses.

Police carried out a lathicharge to bring the situation under control by early evening. The town remained under curfew on Wednesday as well.

BJP UP MLAs call protesting Mizos foreign agents & bots – @hateSWATteam

This is a developing report, so please bear with us. Keep checking every few hours for updates.

Varun Puri is a Member Advisory Committee, ICCR, MEA (GOI) | State Executive Member, Ex IT-Social Media Head BJP PUNJAB

The hastag #AntiIndiapropaganda was very viral one with over 21,000 tweets till a few minutes back.

These are some of the other tweets on the hashtag:

BJP MLA from Jaunpur, UP Dinesh Chaudhary was one of the ones who gave the dog whistle for the trend. It’s funny as if he’s asking fellow trolls to start anti-India propaganda, which they are actually doing by creating divisiveness in the country at the behest of Biswa Sarma,

There are multiple MLAs of BJP from UP & Bihar and leaders from Delhi unit. These are some of the top accounts:

The complete list which includes journalists with verified twitter accounts as well is listed here:

The first tweet on this hashtag was:

Please check back in a few hours for graphs on charts better explaining the tweet timings, followers of people,etc

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BJP troll True Indology/BharadwajSpeaks makes hate post on Mizos. @GovernorSwaraj says will file FIR, he flees. @Iyervval & @Sanjay_Dixit defend hate speech

Newer findings from evening of July 30th have been added to the end of the article.

These are the initial findings. Abhijit Iyer Mitra & retired IAS Sanjay Dixit aming those defending the hate speech

Bharadwaj Speaks, who previously was part of the True Indology team with Divya Soti & Nagesh Bhushan doing ti for ORF think tanker Sushant Sareen. Sareen & Bhushan ran a blog together-

In 2016, when the Baloch leadership criticised Sushant’s pawn Naela Quadri, True Indology immediately sprang into action & said Baloch took Hindu women as sex slaves after the Panipat battle with Abdali. This is completely untrue and this is the tweet by Nagesh’s account at that time:

I am looking at three keywords on Twitter now:

  1. @bharadwajspeaks
  2. #Isupportbharajwajspeaks
  3. #Bharajdajspeaks

These are the initial findings. Abhijit Iyer Mitra & retired IAS Sanjay Dixit aming those defending the hate speech

Details on @bharadwajspeaks data pull here showing Iyer Mitra & Dixit among tweeters at top of datapull list:

This is a developing story. It takes time to analyse data but online SWAT teams have to be quick to counter hate speech. Keep checking a few hours for updates

You can see in the initial data, people have RTed tweets by Iyer Mitra & Jaipur Dialogues. Jaipur Dialogus is an inititive of retired IAS officer Sanjay Dixit

It’s time we clean India of this scourge. We should file multiple FIRs in non-BJP ruled states against those indulging in hate speech. That the editor of hate site Op India lives in Kolkata without any court cases is a shame! Outraging on twitter is as effective as smoking due to stress.

Further Analysis 1:

There were a total of 15,556 tweets & RTs on the 3 tags:

  1. @bharadwajspeaks
  2. #Isupportbharajwajspeaks
  3. #Bharajdajspeaks

The list is here sorted by number of followers –

There are multiple tweets by most of them, some of them verified blue-ticked accounts.

The first tweet was by at Thu Jul 29 17:14:03 +0000 2021:

Further Analysis 2:

The 15,556 tweets & RTs were made by only 5422 accounts. This means an average of 3 tweets & RTs were made by each account. Will share details of who tweeted how many times shortly.

Findings after evening of JUly 30th:

There were a total of 15,556 tweets & RTs on the 3 tags till 6 AM on July 30th

  1. @bharadwajspeaks
  2. #Isupportbharajwajspeaks
  3. #Bharajdajspeaks

There were only 523 tweets on RTs on #bharadwajspeaks till 6 Am on July 30th. That has increased to 18,117 till 6 AM on July 31st. These tweets came from 8,387 accounts. 73 had more than 20,000 followers & 254 had more than 5,000 followers. There were 12 verified accounts among them.

The complete list can be seen here:

These are the verified accounts. Top accounts screenshot follows:

Top accounts:

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#SealKeralaBordersNow was trended by which BJP trolls?

BJP4 Mumbai Official Spokesperson @SureshNakhua, journalist @MeenaDasNarayan & @abdullah_0mar are among the top accounts tweeing on the hashtag #SealKeralaBordersNow on Twitter. The 1st tweet was by @BesuraTaansane. All of them are followed by PM @narendramodi and/or BJP leader who led Delhi rioters @KapilMishra_IND.

List here:

View complete list here that lists details of accounts such as number of follower, it’s verified or not & who tweeted or RTed when on the hashtag.

This is a developing story. It takes a lot of man hours to clean & pre-process the data for generating charts & graphs. Please check back in some time for them on plots by top accounts, verified, number of tweets per account, when account was created, etc.

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It is interesting to note that an account with more than 48,000 followers had only RTed a tweet on the Hashtag & had not himself tweeted. This is a common tactic used by big BJP trolls in even making hate speech viral to avoid getting reported. You can’t report RTs of hate speech. As such many BJP troll groups like HMP create new accounts and RT those tweets and themselves remain safe from getting suspended or banned. Twitter should allow people to report people RTing/sharing hate speech & fake news.

The first tweet on this hashtag was by an account followed by Kapil Mishra. There were numerous tweets & RTs by that account. It seems that this hashtag was planned and implemented by him as the ringleader. Many accounts had tweeted more than once on the hashtag.

Stay tuned for charts. Coming up in a while

BJP hate portal Swarajya journalist spreads communal fake news. Who RTed? From March

Swati Goel Sharma, journalist at BJP hate portal Swarajya spread a communal fake news subtly that fits in the classical definition of misinformation. She refused to accept her mistake even when it was pointed out that those urination on the Shivling were Ramesh & Anand.

Her tweet. It misses the video as Delhi riots fame BJP leader KapilMishra’s Hindu Ecosystem whose video she copied was suspended by Twitter. There’s an archive link with video below :

Archive link is here.

The tweet was viral with more than 2,000 shares/RTs. On being countered, she said “the hate is all real”.

Her first tweet at the time I did the datapull had 1,617 shares. Even after getting exposed it kept getting shared and a fresh data pull showed 1,954 accounts- that is 337 shares. In India, a platform like Twitter isn’t used as much as say Facebook or Instagram. 300+ shares as such are significant.

The data for both can be downloaded here:

1617 accounts sharing communal hate post

Total 1,954 accounts sharing communal hate post

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