BJP hate portal Swarajya journalist spreads communal fake news. Who RTed? From March

Swati Goel Sharma, journalist at BJP hate portal Swarajya spread a communal fake news subtly that fits in the classical definition of misinformation. She refused to accept her mistake even when it was pointed out that those urination on the Shivling were Ramesh & Anand.

Her tweet. It misses the video as Delhi riots fame BJP leader KapilMishra’s Hindu Ecosystem whose video she copied was suspended by Twitter. There’s an archive link with video below :

Archive link is here.

The tweet was viral with more than 2,000 shares/RTs. On being countered, she said “the hate is all real”.

Her first tweet at the time I did the datapull had 1,617 shares. Even after getting exposed it kept getting shared and a fresh data pull showed 1,954 accounts- that is 337 shares. In India, a platform like Twitter isn’t used as much as say Facebook or Instagram. 300+ shares as such are significant.

The data for both can be downloaded here:

1617 accounts sharing communal hate post

Total 1,954 accounts sharing communal hate post

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