Some basic resources are shared towards the bottom of the page.

Resource for media & individuals to find who spread hate speech & fake news by tweeting & RTing. Doesn’t need any tech skills. Making it public as my past being used to target me–

Tutorial on how to use these Python codes and analyse the csv spreadsheet files obtained from them to find who spread hate speech & fake news online by tweeting & RTing (sharing):

Basic resources:

Always save archive link so that proof of hate speech or fake news posts are available for analysis –

Let’s fight hate, fake news together. Keep documenting and collaborate. Link to download latest 3,200 tweets of any twitter user:

Basic Workshop on tracking fake/hate tweets. Only need very basic school level knowledge of MS Excel-

Follow-up hands-on workshop on analysing fake/hate tweets. Using Tableau, it is even simpler than MS Excel. Learn basics in 15 minutes here:

For any further questions, contact Aveek Sen or SWAT Team Against Hate & Fake Posts on Twitter.